Ameri Group Builders knows that asset preservation is more than just construction . We  work with our clients to maximize their returns and retain their residents. We strive to build and maintain strategic relationships with our clients, vendors, and employees, relationships built on integrity, trust, and respect. Insuring that all are profitable.

Matthew Jones



For more than 15 years, Matthew Jones, Ameri Group Builders founder, has provided the multi-family, commercial and hospitality industries with  an unmatched level of quality, attention to detail, and integrity. Having had the pleasure of working under the tutelage of some of the most dynamic mentors in the industry, Matthew brings a wide range of experience mitigating complex construction issues that plague your industry. As one of his mentors once said, "Anyone can accomplish 90%. It's successfully executing the last 10% that sets the industry leaders apart from the rest." Matthew has built the foundation of his company on just that.

 At Ameri Group Builders, we apply sound principles by utilizing proven industry practices, following a strong attention to detail, and most importantly, having a profound understanding of our clients' needs. At Ameri Group Builders, we know the importance of asset preservation, resident retention, and the need for your firm to realize a return on its investment. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.

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"I had the opportunity to utilize Matt's skills on several large scale long term apartment rehab projects in the south eastern US during my tenure with PRG Real Estate Management Co. I found Matt to be highly adaptable to changes in scope dynamics, budgets, sub-contractors and environmental conditions. Matt demonstrates a professional approach in all project endeavors and is committed to achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction."

-- Robert Black, Director of Construction, Resource Residential


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